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For more than 10 years, King & Company has brought our unique approach to drywall construction into residential and commercial spaces across Central Pennsylvania and beyond. Our team of technicians and specialists bring their expertise for installing and finishing drywall, patch and repair, steel stud framing, insulation, suspended and acoustical ceilings, and specialty wall designs and finishes.

Expertise defines our work and distinguishes our style — but the real heartbeat of what we do resides in our commitment to people. We approach each and every job with integrity and trust, and every person with honor. For us, business represents something greater than ourselves.

A relationship enthusiast and purpose pioneer, John is committed to partnering with others in discovering and developing their individual potential. He brings energy, vision, and leadership to our team. Whether he’s connecting with a new customer or interacting with a team member, John leads with trust, bringing life to each conversation and purpose to each interaction.

John Richard King

President | Owner

Steve first worked with John when they were teenagers, both working for their respective uncles. Their long shared history has built a strong relational foundation for King & Company. Steve excels in translating numbers into usable information. But don’t let the detail-oriented side of him fool you — Steve is warm and welcoming. He loves to delight customers and strives always to deliver the highest value and quality possible. In his free time, he enjoys biking and hiking with his wife and kids.


Senior Estimator | Project Manager | Financial Officer

With his many years of experience, Chad has established himself as a trusted King & Company brand ambassador who always brings a high level of quality to his work, both in the field and in management. His flexibility and skill is matched only by his spunk and tenacity. He consistently lives out his loyalty to our mission, as he embraces the challenges of leadership. A devoted father and husband, Chad models the kind of dedication and reliability for which King & Company is known.

Chad Herr

Field supervisor | estimator

We are privileged to have Ron direct our commercial projects. With more than 35 years of experience in the construction industry, Ron provides us with the advantages necessary to serve our customers with confidence. Known for being accommodating, respectful, and enthusiastic, Ron embodies the very heart of our King & Company culture — approaching every person with respect and every job with excellence.

Ronald Reisinger

Commercial Division Director

While filtering and organizing all the information coming through our business, interfacing with project managers, and processing our finances, Twila brings a kind and caring approach to our office life. Her strong administrative skills keep the office humming, while her grace-filled demeanor lends a sense of peace and stability to busy days. Meticulous, dedicated, and kind — Twila is a huge asset to the King & Company team.

Twila Longenecker

Administrative assistant

We’re proud to partner with Brian, an integral member of our team who serves with a high level of professionalism. Brian’s early exposure to the drywall trade, as well as an apprenticeship under his father, provided him with a strong foundation of experience as an installer, drywall finisher, and repair specialist. Now, as a developing estimator, Brian is quickly becoming a leader among his peers, modeling well the rewards of being a skilled tradesman.

Brian Dobson

Service Specialist | Developing estimator

Bob is methodical and deliberate in his approach to any job — and he’s always ready with a warm smile. A dependable, faithful employee, Bob excels at finishing or patching drywall, repairing old plaster, and touching up a final product. Bob’s embodies the value of commitment, as he is consistently strategic even with routine tasks. An avid outdoorsman, Bob enjoys hiking, fishing, and hunting.

Bob Boyd

Service Specialist

As one of our seasoned specialists, Rick’s task-oriented know-how is motivated by a quiet strength and competence. On the job site, Rick quickly identifies and finds solutions to any problem. It’s a true privilege to have Rick on board as a mentor to our younger and developing apprentices; he makes the training process easy and seamless, empowering a new generation of developing craftsmen. We champion Rick’s call to mentorship, and we look forward to growing together! 

Rick Boyd

Service Specialist | Trainer

William’s long, successful journey in our industry has afforded him with the opportunity to master his skill sets with excellence and precision. We are honored to name William as one of our leading in-home service specialists. (His virtually dust-free methods make him a customer favorite for any repair!) William is the model of integrity, and is known for his honest hard work and elevated professional conduct.

William Slabaugh

Service Specialist

We’re proud of the progress Skyler has made since joining our team in April 2021. As a recent high school graduate, he exemplifies what it takes to succeed as a skilled tradesman. His determination, initiative, and consistency have landed Skyler a secure position as a starter on the King & Company workforce roster. As a leader in the next generation of capable construction professionals, Skyler demonstrates the value that youth can bring to our industry. 

Skyler Parmer

Drywall Finisher

Ahmet is our youngest apprentice, and we’re delighted to benefit from the power of his enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and grow. Known for being respectful, attentive, and consistent, Ahmet leads with heart, bringing great energy to his work. Ahmet demonstrates the value of capturing one’s potential to better himself while serving others, a core King & Company value. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling and having new experiences.

Ahmet Canleblebici

Drywall Finisher

A vital part of the King & Company team, Bob’s primary responsibilities include maintaining our shop and delivering/retrieving our equipment from job sites. He brings a great sense of energy and enthusiasm to all tasks, big or small. Always quick to lend a helping hand, Bob serves with joy and delivers with a smile. We all appreciate Bob’s fun-loving nature and the fact that he’s always up for a good laugh. Having a bit of trouble finding a solution to a problem? We know the answer: Ask Bob!

Robert Crone

Shop Manager | Trucking

When he joined our team in 2019, Bill brought more than 30 years of finishing experience to King & Company. Dedicated to customer satisfaction and fueled by honest communication, Bill fits in perfectly and brings a specialized skill to small jobs. In addition to his strong work ethic, he models an exceptional level of determination, overcoming his personal health challenges. A true inspiration to the team, Bill demonstrates the power of perseverance.

William Frank

Service Specialist

Felipe’s warm, gentle demeanor is a reassuring reminder that no matter how difficult a job may be, it’s made easier by working together — and he will always lend a hand to a team member in need. His many years of experience are made clear in his skilled ability to follow-up with a coat of paint or apply a stunning wall texture or faux finish. 

Felipe Delgado

Painter & faux wall designer

John is well-known for his exacting standards when it comes to hanging drywall. (Our finishers love working behind him!) His painstaking efforts, as well as his commitment to precision and diligence, mean that his work is nothing short of perfect. With more than 30 years of experience, he brings a high level of excellence to our team. John loves interacting one-on-one with clients and teammates alike, and he won’t let a to-do list get in the way of a good conversation. 

John Warner


With his technical know-how, Jason is well-suited to serve the diverse drywall needs of our customers. He’s good with his hands and possesses the intuitive skills necessary for difficult patch and repair work. Whatever the challenge, Jason’s high-achieving personality allows him to learn and adapt quickly. His efficiency, eye for detail, and dependable work ethic brings true excellence to our team. Jason brings that same collaborative approach to his family life; he and his wife — along with their kids — love doing life together.

Jason Diener

Service specialist

Working with King & Company since its inception, Al has consistently demonstrated his loyalty through his long-term commitment, setting an admirable example for our team. Al’s exceptional skill, ability to improvise, and meticulous approach means that his work is often requested by our regular customers. He is caring, honest, and respectful — and he always offers service with a ready smile. 


Service Specialist

Jeremy has been a valued trade partner of King & Company for many years, and is very well-suited for his role in our residential service and small jobs division. His connections and genial disposition lead to a smooth, efficient process, and his reliability and expertise reflect our value for dependability and competence. If you’re lucky enough to hear Jeremy say, “I’m just giving you a hard time,” you’ll know that you’ve found a special place in his heart. 

jeremy longenecker

Service Specialist


Our team

“I believe that directing our focus and skills toward serving others not only creates opportunity but also empowers us to reach our full potential. Here at King & Company we celebrate individuality inside a creative community of skilled professionals, where the collective effort of our dedicated team members has the ability to impact our industry and beyond!”

John Richard King, President | Owner

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