The original Wilbur Chocolate Factory structure held enormous historical and sentimental value to the up-and-coming town of Lititz, PA. The skills required to convert the old factory warehouse into 26 high-end luxury condos required more than the average day-to-day duties for a normal job site. King & Company managed the complexities of coordinating schedules, staging man-power, and sequencing work-flow for steel stud framing, insulation, and drywall. Our ability to accommodate sudden changes to schedules and unexpected interruptions due to circumstances beyond our control highlighted our teams ability to work well with supervisors and other tradesmen.

Structural issues like roof leaks and weak walls posed challenges. Preserving the unique character of the building by working around rough-cut timbers as well as existing brick and stone facades only increased the difficulty.

In partnership with Simeral Construction and working side-by-side with a host of other trade professionals, King & Company navigated enormous challenges, strengthening relationships with our team as well as other businesses. Lititz now enjoys a multi-purpose masterpiece that is quickly becoming the proud focal point in the town’s revitalization. 

Navigating challenges together strengthened relationships with our team as well as with other businesses.